In the telecommunications industry (or any industry) you will run into two types of software vendors, Best-of-Suite and Best-of-Breed. Both offerings provide unique advantages and disadvantages which ultimately impact your company in the long term. Best-of-Suite options are those that try to be good at everything and try to entice you into buying everything a singular entity. They use the scare tactic of “Finger-Pointing” between vendors when issues arise and for some smaller businesses with little hope of growth possibilities, this option is viable. Best-of-Breed provides you with a variety of choices when putting together the superior system of your liking. Preference to select the best of class from each sector is extremely empowering for companies that want to flourish within the possibilities in their industry and beyond.

An example of Best-of-Breed would be your home automation. 99% of consumers have purchased products from various manufactures to make up a harmonized collection. Smoke Alarms, Thermostats, Motion Detectors and WiFi Access Points can all be bought from contrasting vendors and yet be assembled to make up the perfect solution. In a Best-of-Suite design, you would need to buy all of the elements from a single source and settle for lesser functionality.

On the surface, Best-of-Suite solutions appear to have a beneficial platform for all your software system needs. The assemblage of aggregated programs show case to have it all together for one low price when, in reality, they are extremely detrimental to your company’s growth and prospective prosperity. The “One-Stop-Shop” mentality was popular over the past two decades but is quickly diminishing as your company demands quality and control over quantity of functionality that comes with massive limitations.

Camvio’s unique Open API engine provides your company with BSS tools to advance at your own pace, within your desired timing and control. The dexterity to choose a vendor over another or pivot from an imbedded system to a new one is powerful and opens an abundance of opportunities. Camvio is designed to accommodate the new-aged Best-of-Breed approach. Our “Trifecta” approach uses Billing, Mapping/Engineering and Accounting as the core components with bi-directional, real time data streaming amongst the various systems.

Interestingly we have seen this several times in other industries, one example is IoT. The frustration emerging from the telecommunications division is rampant across all markets. The unavoidable future for communications companies is connectivity through IoT. Without the accessibility of fluid data, corporations will be cemented to conventional thinking and their likelihood of success will be unconceivable. “IoT is a driving shift in business structures from a one-company-does-it-all model to a let’s-work-together approach. This means that companies must leave behind traditional models of proprietary systems, rigid processes, and reliance on a few longtime partners and move toward models that embrace open and flexible structures in which partners can solve business problems together. The uncollaborative approach is no longer optional: No single company, deploying only its own products or services, can capture IoT’s value by itself, and certainly not with the speed required in today’s digital market.” – Harvard Business Review

Conclusively, to continue and endure in the complex industry of communications and technology, companies need to clutch the concept of Open APIs and Best-of-Breed systems to reclaim authority over your own data and future growth.

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